GOW! Vintage Hot Rod Assosiation Hill Climb at Prescott Hill Climb Circuit

I was lucky enough to be invited along by the VHRA to their annual GOW! Hill Climb event as a DJ for the evenings…. this gave me the opportunity during the day to get my petrolhead fix and meet some great guys n gals with some unbelievably cool Hotrods , all American in origin and pre 1948 including everything from heavily modified Model A Fords to luxury coupes. As it was a private event all the attention was on the cars, no trade stands and burger vans just lots of knowledgable folks spending most of the time under the hood of their or somebody else car and talking in a language that can only be understood by the hot rod enthusiast!!! … Ive spent time over the past few years thinking about a hot rod project and after this weekend and meeting a great bunch of people its defiantly on the cards … watch this space!!!

This brief clip is in my mates Model B Ford Hot Rod. The first climb ended early with a busted cam belt, but luckily no other damage, however, a correct belt was found for a Ford Pinto engine within a 15 min drive at a local motor factors …. what are the chances !!!

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The weekend was that good I never got many photos taken, however, Jonny Wilson was a press photographer and took load way better than me … keep an eye on his Facebook page


Also visit the official VHRA website for anything and everything about Hot Rods and Events